“Ode” to Amber – Amber Weddings, Gifts, and DIY Party Inspiration

saint-petersburg-02     With its numerous waterways and canals, St. Petersburg has been nicknamed the “Venice of the North”, and its location along the Baltic Sea has made this city famous for its top-quality Baltic amber. Ever since I traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia this past summer, I have been thoroughly enamored with the amber stone.  As I perused the wares and hidden treasures that the merchants had artfully arranged in their sidewalk stalls along the streets, I found that my eyes would inevitably go towards the amber stones and jewelry that were glinting in the sunlight. In the early mornings and evenings, when the sun was at its softest, the rays of the sun would glint off the amber, making the whole stone look like it was aflame with fire. It was absolutely mesmerizing!

As we explored the city some more, I found that the whole city was like an ode to amber! I found shades of amber and gold throughout, sparkling and shimmering in the ornate cathedrals, arching bridges, and gilded palaces of St. Petersburg. Although my description might seem a bit overly poetic, I think that you will also see the subtle amber tones that colored the city when you see the photos that I took of St. Petersburg:

Suffice it to say that I am thoroughly enamored with both the city itself and with the amber stone. I think that it would be lovely to incorporate these shades of amber and gold into your wedding. Here is a collection of some of my favorite amber wedding accessories:

The shades of amber and gold provide a color palette that is both warm and regal, and green accents add a touch of whimsy to this color combo.

Even if you do not use amber as your wedding color, you can easily incorporate amber-themed items into wedding favors, bridal shower decorations and gifts, bachelorette parties, and even home warming gifts. You can pay homage to the beautiful shade of amber by making these fun DIY projects using amber honey (yes, “amber honey” is a real product!) Amber honey is a type of honey between light and dark honey and it can be made from flowers such as star-thistle, sage, or alfalfa. But best of all, amber honey is the exact same shade as amber!

Here are 2 fun DIY honey projects that are inspired by the glorious shade of amber:

honey-face-mask    1) Honey and Oats Face Mask: Is the wedding stress getting to you? Are you overwhelmed with all of the decision you have to make? Put your feet up and try this moisturizing facial mask from the Free People Blog.

This face mask is so simple… it only has 2 ingredients! Just mix together equal parts of honey and oats until a thick paste has formed, and apply evenly to the face. What a fun way to celebrate and relax with your girlfriends during your bachelorette party!

Handmade Honey and Dandelion Soap

Handmade Honey and Dandelion Soap

2) Honey and Dandelion Soap: This soap would be the cutest wedding favor. I can also picture giving this soap as a small thank-you gift or as a house-warming gift. Just tie up the soap with some twine and some dandelion flowers, and you are good to go! Make sure you make extras… you are going to want to keep an extra soap bar for yourself!

Check out the directions for this soap at The Nerdy Farm Wife.

What about trying something different and throwing an amber-themed sleepover party for you and your closest girlfriends? You and your friends can make and use the Honey and Oats face mask, and you will wake up in the morning with super soft skin! You can also make the Honey and Dandelion Soap together, and your friends can bring it home with them as a cute keepsake of your time together. One things for sure… no one would ever forget that party!

CREDITS: Florals: Plum Sage Flowers via Style Me Pretty // Gold Embroidered Wedding Dress: Krikor Jabotian’s via Wedding Inspirasi // Wedding Cake: Tonya Peterson Photography // Candles:  Martha Steward Weddings // Beaded Headpiece and Veil: One Blushing Bride // Ranch Venue: Holman Ranch  // Ring: Ken & Dana Design  // Table Spread: Photo by  ASHLEY DRU via Ruffled // Amber Accent Wedding Dress: Jasmine Star Photography  via Style Me Pretty



3 thoughts on ““Ode” to Amber – Amber Weddings, Gifts, and DIY Party Inspiration

  1. I absolutely love the “Ode to Amber” piece! Such stunning pictures and great ideas! I am going to try to make the amber soap. This would be great to give as gifts:)


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