Vintage Rustic Charm – Heather & Taylor’s Wedding Day

Sipping sweet peach iced tea from glass mason jars, relaxing on Grandma’s rosewood porch swing, picnicking on red-checkered blankets in lush green meadows…

All of these images and more came to mind as soon as I set eyes on Heather & Taylor’s vintage rustic wedding! Done in soft shades of cream and blush, Heather & Taylor’s wedding was the essence of country charm with lots of burlap, lace, and wood accents at the Jon Haven Farm in Lasscassas, Tennessee.

As you look at these beautiful photos, keep an eye out for how the couple put their own twist on the vintage rustic theme by adding touches of flirty, romantic ruffles. From the ruffled wedding cake with a dramatic over-sized bloom, to the beautiful ruffle layering on the dresses of the bride, the bridesmaids, and the flower girls, this wedding shows that ruffles can be both elegant and fun! And of course, what vintage rustic wedding would be complete without suspenders? Take a look:

I always think that some of the cutest and most emotional photos are ones of the bride or groom with their parents. It is a day that is bittersweet for parents because it is a sort of milestone or landmark that shows that their baby is now all grown up. Take a look at these special photos of Heather and her mom and family:

DIY WEDDING DECOR: Heather made charming centerpieces with vintage books that she found at Goodwill and she hand-wrapped these bottles in twine and yarn… so cute!!

_DG18343PERSONALIZING THE WEDDING TRADITIONS: Do you love the symbolism of the unity candle, but feel that this tradition is a bit overdone? Why not do a  “unity painting” during your ceremony like Heather & Taylor? One big advantage of this is that you can later display your artwork in your home as a unique memento of your wedding day! Heather & Taylor decided to use two colors that they knew would be in their house.

My father-in-law officiated the ceremony and added a beautiful meaning to the unity painting. He spoke of how the two different colors represented each other and the canvas was life. Each color made its own mark on the canvas but then came together forming a new color representing our mark on life as a couple.”    ~Heather


_DG18469Heather & Taylor’s unlikely story is a clear example of how God can overcome any obstacle to bring two people together. Their story really stands out because the groom’s parents actually set them up!! This just goes to show you that parents just might know best.

Heather was an Indiana girl while Taylor was a Tenessee boy.  Taylor’s parents were traveling children’s evangelists and they just happened to come to Heather’s home church to kick off their VBS. Of course, Taylor’s parents fell in love with Heather and tried to set the two of them up. About a week later, Heather drove 5 ½ hours down to a small town in the middle of Kentucky to meet Taylor for the very first time. Here is what she had to say about that first meeting…

When I walked into the restaurant I saw him sitting there waiting for me. I knew at that exact moment I was going to be with him forever. We parted ways at the end of the weekend and I went straight to my best friend telling her he was the one I was going to marry. 

Awww!! And from there it was history. Was their meeting just coincidence? Pure luck? I think not!

Many thanks to the beautiful bride for sharing her stunning photos with me!

CREDITS: Darrell Golphin Photography and Tara Balma Photography


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