Nighttime in Full Bloom – Night Wedding and Party Inspiration

Midnight strolls walking hand in hand under the bright light of a full moon, star gazing in a remote area with trillions of shimmering starts overhead, sipping hot cocoa from my favorite over-sized mug while snuggling in my softest, warmest robe as darkness slowly falls…

These are just a few of the images that come to mind when I think of moonlit nights. They are images that evoke warmth, romance, and beauty. Why not incorporate all of these emotions into your wedding or party by throwing a nighttime bash?

LIGHT AND DARKNESS: For a wedding, I imagine thousands of twinkling lights draped on evergreen trees, mimicking the canopy of stars overhead. I imagine an incredible display of shadows and light with romantic candles lighting cobblestone pathways and hanging lanterns that flicker and glow in the darkness. I imagine hanging glass chandeliers that capture and reflect the candlelight in a million different directions. I imagine something like this…

Many brides (like my soon-to-be-married sister) would love a small, intimate wedding, but are unable to have one due to a large number of family members and friends. With a nighttime wedding, you can create the same intimate mood of a small wedding without leaving out any of your important guests. The darkness automatically creates an intimate, romantic affair that is reminiscent of an enchanted forest.

CRYSTAL AND GLASS ACCENTS: I think that a moonlit wedding would be the perfect opportunity to showcase an extravagantly beaded wedding dress and rhinestone accessories. Just think of how beautifully the candlelight would accentuate the crystal accents, making the bride the complete center of attention.

NIGHT BLOOMING FLOWERS: And of course, what wedding is complete without flowers? Why not add to the intrigue and mystery of your wedding by getting some flowers that only bloom at night? Some incredibly beautiful night blooming flowers are night blooming jasmine, dragonfruit flowers, casablanca lilies, and four o’clock flowers. Here are some cute and very unique ways that your can incorporate these flowers into your wedding:

     Night Blooming Jasmine:

     Dragonfruit Flower:

     Casablanca Lily:

     Four O’Clocks:

So gather all of your candles and get a super duty lighter… It’s time to light up the night with a nighttime celebration!

CREDITS: Lace Candle Holder: via Pop Sugar// Beaded Wedding Dress: Preston Bailey// Lace-Wrapped Candle: HubPages// Bridal Hair Comb: GlamorousBijoux via Etsy// Garter: Emily Riggs// Knitted Shawl: Lynn Hamps via Ravelry// Bouquet Wrap:  Red Bloom Photography via CONFETTI DAYDREAMS WEDDING BLOG// Jasmine Wedding Invitations: InvitationSnob via Etsy// Dragonfruit Appetizers: Jane-Anne Hobbs// Dragonfruit Soap: SweetClementineSoaps via Etsy// Lily Envelope Liners: BlueWaverlyDesignCo via Etsy//


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