Rectangular Burlap and Lace Placemats DIY Craft – For the Beginning Sewer

My sister is getting married this next April, and she has a very specific vision for her wedding. For as long as I can remember, she has been enamored with rustic outdoorsy weddings. She imagines glass mason jars with lace accents, burlap and twine details, and woodsy flower hair wreaths in shades of peacock blue and emerald green.

She fell in love with some of the burlap and lace tablecloths and napkins that she found on Pinterest because they fit her rustic vision to a tee.

Luckily for her, she has a sister with a sewing machine and with a love of crafts and weddings! So, we decided to collaborate and come up with some handmade lace and burlap placemats for her reception. The result was just incredible, so I decided to share the project with all of you. In just 5 easy steps, you can make your own rustic burlap and lace placemats! And best of all, you only need 3 supplies!!

Supplies Needed:DIY placemat tutorial 037

  1. Burlap
    • I ordered a bolt of burlap fabric measuring 51’’ x 20 yards from Save on Crafts 
  2. Lace (I used lace that was around 3’’ in width) 
    • For this project, I just used several different rolls of leftover lace that I had in my craft supplies. Don’t worry about using the same type of lace on every placemat. It looks super cute when you use several different varieties and styles of lace on your placemats, and this is a great way to use up small bits of lace that you may have lying around your home. For my placemats, I ended up using around 4-5 different types of laces. The variety adds to the rustic, eclectic feel of the collection!
  3. White and Beige Thread


  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Rotary Cutter & Quilting Mat (alternatively, you could just use fabric scissors)
  3. Sewing Pins


486483709This is a great project for beginning sewers because the placemats do not have to be perfect. The burlap makes them look both rustic and natural, and part of their beauty is that they look handmade! So don’t be too worried about making them look perfect… the imperfections add to their character.

The hardest part of this project is trying to cut along the grain of the burlap fabric as best as possible. Many of you beginning sewers are probably asking yourself “what is the grain” and “what does grain have to do with fabric”? No worries… I’ve got you covered. I found a really helpful blog post from Sew Sweetness talking about what the grain of the fabric is and why it is important. As this article explains, you do not want to cut out your fabric too much off of the grain, because this causes uneven, messy looking edges. But as I mentioned before, these placemats do not have to be perfect. Just give it a go, and see what you come up with! I think that you will be pleasantly surprised. Here is a preview of the finished product…

Here are the steps:

  1. Make a paper template for your placemats.143117066
    • Cut out a piece of large paper so that it is the exact same size that you would like your placemats to be. You are going to use this template to cut out placemats that are all the same size. I did a bit of research, and I found out that placemats are generally 12” x 18” or 14” x 20”. Keep in mind that these dimensions are not set in stone. If you would like a placemat that is a bit bigger or smaller, go for it!
  2. Lay the paper template on top of your burlap fabric, and cut it out following the lines of your template.
    • I cut my burlap with a rotary cutter because I found that this was faster and more efficient. Keep in mind that I was looking for the fastest way to cut these out because I have to make over 140 placemats!! However, if you just are doing a set of placemats, then you could cut your burlap with fabric scissors instead.
  3. Cut out the amount of lace that your will need for one edge of the placemat, and pin this lace to the thinner edge of the burlap rectangle with sewing pins
  4. Sew around the outside edges of the lace.
    • I used 2 different colors of thread while sewing my lace to the burlap because I did not want to be able to see the stitching at all. I put white thread in the top of the sewing machine to match the ivory lace on top and beige thread in the bobbin to blend into the brown burlap on the bottom.
  5. Neaten up the edges and trim them
    • If your edges look a bit messy (like mine), then you can cut just trim a bit off the edges so that they look cleaner. You can also remove a few of the burlap threads along the edges so that they are less likely to fray.

That is it! You are finished! Now it’s time to throw a party to show off your new rustic placemats. Highlight the beauty of your burlap placemats with vibrant wild flowers, cedar wood tables and chairs, and folksy lanterns to help set the mood…

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask me about it. I would be glad to offer any advice! Happy sewing!

CREDITS: Blue and White Wedding Bouquet: Destination Weddings & Honeymoon// Burlap Chair Sash: Made in Burlap via Etsy// Hydrangeas in Mason Jars: Lindsey Gomes Photography// Flowers on top of crate and hay: Secretaria Evento// Burlap Silverware Holder: Ruffled// Place Setting with Lavendar: Style Me Pretty// Wildflowers in Glass Jars: Intimate Weddings// Burlap Table Runner: Hot Cocoa Design via Etsy// Ivory and Green Bouquet: The Vine’s Leaf

3 thoughts on “Rectangular Burlap and Lace Placemats DIY Craft – For the Beginning Sewer

  1. What a fantastic idea! Your instructions are so clear that I think that I could even make these! I can picture how wonderful these will look at your sister’s outdoor wedding:)


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