Roman Wedding Inspiration from “A Voice in the Wind” by Francine Rivers: Portraying Literature in Images

From the time I was a little girl, I have always had my nose stuck in a book. When my friends would get together or ask me to play outside, I would sometimes tag along and have some fun with them. But the times that I truly looked forward to were the times when I would cuddle up in my reading chair with my favorite novel and a steaming cup of coffee or tea. There is something utterly magical about being about to travel to exotic places and to experience different time periods from the comfort of your favorite oversized reading chair!

greek-goddess-greek-goddesses-grecian-wedding-inspiraiton-flowy-wedding-dresses-grecian-wedding-dressWhen I was 12 years old, I first read “A Voice in the Wind” by Francine Rivers. Filled with history and drama, romance and suspense, this book was and continues to be the most engaging book that I have ever read. This book transported me back to the uncertainty, decadence, and disparity of life in the Roman Empire during the first century. It was a time of complete contradictions and opposites… of luxury and misery, faith and depravity. A time when aristocrats would idly pass the hours draped in silk togas and extravagant jewels while just a few blocks away in the coliseums, innocent Christians were slaughtered for their faith as the masses watched on with indifference.

Ever since I read “A Voice in the Wind”, I have been continually drawn to Roman-inspired fashions and styles. I picture braided updos interwoven with beaded hair adornments, tunics in the most luxurious shades of purple and gold, and lavish flower arrangements with sprigs of olive branches and fresh fruit. For me, this imagery just seems to scream all-things wedding and bridal. I could not resist putting a collection together that brings to life my obsession for the effortless, luxurious fashions of this era…

From the flowing chiffon wedding dresses that blow in the wind  to the simple three-tiered cake adorned with sprigs of olive branches and lavender, this collection is the epitome of Roman fashion. And did you see the intricately beaded wedding sash with sparkling citrine crystals and pearls? Roman women were known for their elaborate accessories, so this luxurious bridal sash fits right in!!

All in all, this collection totally captures the spirit and beauty of “A Voice in the Wind”.

Now it is your turn… What is your favorite book? If you had to turn this book into a collage of images, what would it look like?

CREDITS: Purple and Blush Flower Arrangement: Photography via Christina Brosnan// Crystal Barefoot Sandals: PowderBlueBijoux via Etsy// Gold Leaf Hair Clip: EchoandLaurel via Etsy// Lavendar and Olive Branch Cake: Brides// Gold Beaded Sash with Crystals and Pearls: A Goddess Divine// Gold Lace Barefoot Sandals: WEDDINGGloves via Etsy// Gold Crystal and Pearl Hair Wreath: One Blushing Bride via Etsy// Amethyst Earrings: LoveShineBridal via Etsy//


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