Downton Abbey Inspiration: Wedding at the Manor

Be still my beating heart… the new season of Downton Abbey has finally begun!! I know that all of you die-hard romantics out there are just as excited as I am about this momentous event!

Downton Abbey is utterly enthralling and engaging, and every scene is packed with swoon-worthy looks and accessories that are full of old-world charm and grace. There is just something about the show’s 1920s-inspired fashion that captivates and intrigues, making me wish that I could experience this era of corsets, fans, and petticoats. The Downton style evokes the dazzling glamour and opulence of the Gatsby era, but it is softened and refined just a touch. Clad in the most luxurious fabrics, the Downton women are always the height of style. Their looks are completed with glittering brooches and pins, flapper-inspired hair accessories, feminine parasols and full length silk gloves… just lovely!!

With a few touches of glitz and glamour, brides can throw their own Downton-inspired wedding. All it takes is a few glamourous touches here and a bit of vintage décor there, and you will have your own “wedding at the manor” that is the fantasty of any Downton enthusiast. Take a peak at my Downton Abbey vision…

downton abbey marsala and pink wedding inspiration_1

Romantic shades of marsala red and soft pink make for a very feminine yet dramatic color story. Then bring on the old-world charm with gilded gold accents that are both opulent and glitzy.

burgundy and pink wedding bouquet

You only need a couple of antique-inspired statement pieces to really pack a punch at your ceremony. For the bride, why not try a glitzy hair chain that drapes delicately across your forehead? Pair this hair accessory with a relaxed Gibson girl updo, and you have a winning combination!

Surprise your groom with an antique-inspired gold pocket watch. This would make a lovely grooms gift that can be passed down from generation to generation.

downton inspired crystal earrings

And don’t forget the florals please! Nothing says English aristocracy more than bountiful, fragrant blooms that overflow from golden chalices.

marsala and pink table setting

So turn up the glamour and bring on the sophistication with your own lavish Downton-inspired wedding at the manor. And while you are at it, you might as well re-watch all of your favorite drama-filled Downton episodes for inspiration!  I know that I sure will.

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