Layers… In Powder Blue: Summer Wedding Inspiration

Fresh, bright pastels never go out of style for a summer-time bash. And this summer, the wedding galleries are full of soft and delicate hues that thrill the romantic-loving bride.

I fell head-over-heels as soon as I laid eyes on this silky, powder-blue camisole. Soft and feminine, fresh and ethereal, this lingerie set had me dreaming of a wedding that was all about cool summer femininity.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Add a touch of vintage glamour in shades of cream and beige, and you have a wedding that evokes the ease and breeze of simple summer days…

powder blue and cream wedding inspiration

With such a simple color story, you can play up the drama by contrasting textures in fun and interesting ways. Combine sheers and solids, shiny and matte, powdered and silky in a symphony of colors and textures that compel you to take a second and third glance.

And nothing whispers “summer” more convincingly – or more charmingly- than a romantic loose updo interwoven with fresh greenery.

wedding updo with braids

And who says that you can’t wear a big ball gown for your summertime wedding? This billowing tulle skirt will make you feel like a graceful princess while the feather-light material will keep you cool in the summer sun.

blue wedding dress princess (2)

So go fresh, bright, and easy this summer with a sweet wedding that is refreshing enough to handle even the hottest days of summer.

To add a breath of fresh-air to your wardrobe, check out Adore Me’s collection of sexy (yet classy) lingerie that inspired this post. Or you can pop on ever to their Twitter page… I promise that you will not be disappointed!

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Night at the Ballet Wedding Inspiration: In Soft Pink, Gold, and Ivory

crystal bridal headband

There is something that is just utterly magical about the ballet… full tulle skirts, dainty pointed toes, and upswept hair creates a feminine yet ethereal vision that captures and thrills the imagination. Today’s inspiration board is all about capturing the soft elegance of the ballet for your own wedding. Let the show begin…

ballet pink wedding inspiration

This oh-so-pretty palette of pale pink, gold, and ivory are incredibly soft and romantic. Pair this dreamy color story with layers of textured tulle and glitz to create an enchanting ensemble that will have you dancing down the wedding aisle!

flower beaded hair accessory

Layers and layers of tulle and a voluminous full skirt make this wedding dress the perfect ballet-inspired showstopper, while artfully placed crystals nip in your waist and add a touch of sparkle.

tulle wedding gown princess

And who could say no to these graceful, super-feminine lace-up ballet slippers? You can dance the night away in these blush-colored beauties without ever missing a step.

ballet wedding shoes editing

This rose gold and blush pink confetti has ballet written all over it. And lets face it, is there a better way to celebrate your marriage than with sparkling confetti? SO fun and pretty to boot!

So point those toes and do your best pirouette!! You do not have to be a graceful dancer to capture the refinement and elegance of this ballet-inspired vision for your big day.

high bun wedding

Robert Frost Wedding Inspiration – A Christmas Bride

This holiday season, I decided to celebrate my love of Christmas by combining a few of my favorite things… weddings and poetry! A bit of a strange combo, I know! But I just could not resist.

I was inspired by one of the most beloved and nostalgic Christmas poems, “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. I wanted to combine the mystery and magic of this time of year with some enchanting imagery that is festive, romantic, and slightly whimsical. Think of decadent cups of hot cocoa, flourishes of fresh mistletoe and ripe berries, and piles of downy white snow. And don’t forget the horse-drawn carriage!!

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;

He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near

Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.

The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,,
But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

bride and groom in winter wonderland wedding

And miles to go before I sleep.

Morrocan Desert Wedding Inspiration in Peach, Orange, and Red

There is something that is so intensely captivating about the desert. The desert does not have the stereotypical lush greenery or the peaceful blue waters that we typically think of as “beautiful”. You have to look just a bit deeper to find beauty in the endless sand dunes and stark plains of the desert.

The subtle and completely unique beauty of the desert make it the perfect place for a wedding ceremony. Not to mention, the subdued colors of the desert make it the perfect backdrop for a wedding that features bright, bold colors. Vivid reds and rich oranges would contrast beautifully with the camel, caramel, and beige colors of the desert.

Light and airy fabrics are a must for a desert wedding. I imagine layers or organza, chiffon and tulle blowing in the wind, bringing to mind images of Moroccan caravans and tunics.

I am loving these beautifully ethereal and flowy chiffon wedding dresses and accessories . They fit right in to the slightly bohemian and uncoventional vibe of the desert.

And what about that stunning ombre wedding cake in vibrant shades of pink, peach, and light yellow? When I saw this cake, I was reminded of the vivid reds and oranges of a desert sunset as the sun slowly descend behind the sandy dunes.

To really go for an ethnic look, why not do a beautiful sheer head scarf instead of a veil? Totally unique and totally gorgeous too!

Now it is your turn. What are you loving about this theme? What would you include in a desert wedding to make it all your own?

CREDITS: Image 1: photography by Lauren Ross via The Lane// Image 2: photography by Brett Heidebrecht, florals by Alicia Rico// Image 3: photography by Brett Heidebrecht, Gown by Rue de Seine// Image 4: photography by Jessica White Photography,Flowers by Branches Event Floral// Image 5: photography unkown, halo by LavenderByJurgita via Etsy// Image 6: photography by Jen Simon from Fondly Forever, via 100 Layer Cake// Image 7: photography unkown, earings by Titanic Temptations via Etsy// Image 8: photography by Jessica White Photography,Flowers by Branches Event Floral// Image 9: photography by Jen Huang// Image 10: photography by Clara Tuma via hochzeitsguide// Image 11: photography by Riverland Studios// Image 12:  photography unkown, dress by whiteromance via Etsy// Image 13: photography by Clara Tuma via hochzeitsguide


Roman Wedding Inspiration from “A Voice in the Wind” by Francine Rivers: Portraying Literature in Images

From the time I was a little girl, I have always had my nose stuck in a book. When my friends would get together or ask me to play outside, I would sometimes tag along and have some fun with them. But the times that I truly looked forward to were the times when I would cuddle up in my reading chair with my favorite novel and a steaming cup of coffee or tea. There is something utterly magical about being about to travel to exotic places and to experience different time periods from the comfort of your favorite oversized reading chair!

greek-goddess-greek-goddesses-grecian-wedding-inspiraiton-flowy-wedding-dresses-grecian-wedding-dressWhen I was 12 years old, I first read “A Voice in the Wind” by Francine Rivers. Filled with history and drama, romance and suspense, this book was and continues to be the most engaging book that I have ever read. This book transported me back to the uncertainty, decadence, and disparity of life in the Roman Empire during the first century. It was a time of complete contradictions and opposites… of luxury and misery, faith and depravity. A time when aristocrats would idly pass the hours draped in silk togas and extravagant jewels while just a few blocks away in the coliseums, innocent Christians were slaughtered for their faith as the masses watched on with indifference.

Ever since I read “A Voice in the Wind”, I have been continually drawn to Roman-inspired fashions and styles. I picture braided updos interwoven with beaded hair adornments, tunics in the most luxurious shades of purple and gold, and lavish flower arrangements with sprigs of olive branches and fresh fruit. For me, this imagery just seems to scream all-things wedding and bridal. I could not resist putting a collection together that brings to life my obsession for the effortless, luxurious fashions of this era…

From the flowing chiffon wedding dresses that blow in the wind  to the simple three-tiered cake adorned with sprigs of olive branches and lavender, this collection is the epitome of Roman fashion. And did you see the intricately beaded wedding sash with sparkling citrine crystals and pearls? Roman women were known for their elaborate accessories, so this luxurious bridal sash fits right in!!

All in all, this collection totally captures the spirit and beauty of “A Voice in the Wind”.

Now it is your turn… What is your favorite book? If you had to turn this book into a collage of images, what would it look like?

CREDITS: Purple and Blush Flower Arrangement: Photography via Christina Brosnan// Crystal Barefoot Sandals: PowderBlueBijoux via Etsy// Gold Leaf Hair Clip: EchoandLaurel via Etsy// Lavendar and Olive Branch Cake: Brides// Gold Beaded Sash with Crystals and Pearls: A Goddess Divine// Gold Lace Barefoot Sandals: WEDDINGGloves via Etsy// Gold Crystal and Pearl Hair Wreath: One Blushing Bride via Etsy// Amethyst Earrings: LoveShineBridal via Etsy//

Rectangular Burlap and Lace Placemats DIY Craft – For the Beginning Sewer

My sister is getting married this next April, and she has a very specific vision for her wedding. For as long as I can remember, she has been enamored with rustic outdoorsy weddings. She imagines glass mason jars with lace accents, burlap and twine details, and woodsy flower hair wreaths in shades of peacock blue and emerald green.

She fell in love with some of the burlap and lace tablecloths and napkins that she found on Pinterest because they fit her rustic vision to a tee.

Luckily for her, she has a sister with a sewing machine and with a love of crafts and weddings! So, we decided to collaborate and come up with some handmade lace and burlap placemats for her reception. The result was just incredible, so I decided to share the project with all of you. In just 5 easy steps, you can make your own rustic burlap and lace placemats! And best of all, you only need 3 supplies!!

Supplies Needed:DIY placemat tutorial 037

  1. Burlap
    • I ordered a bolt of burlap fabric measuring 51’’ x 20 yards from Save on Crafts 
  2. Lace (I used lace that was around 3’’ in width) 
    • For this project, I just used several different rolls of leftover lace that I had in my craft supplies. Don’t worry about using the same type of lace on every placemat. It looks super cute when you use several different varieties and styles of lace on your placemats, and this is a great way to use up small bits of lace that you may have lying around your home. For my placemats, I ended up using around 4-5 different types of laces. The variety adds to the rustic, eclectic feel of the collection!
  3. White and Beige Thread


  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Rotary Cutter & Quilting Mat (alternatively, you could just use fabric scissors)
  3. Sewing Pins


486483709This is a great project for beginning sewers because the placemats do not have to be perfect. The burlap makes them look both rustic and natural, and part of their beauty is that they look handmade! So don’t be too worried about making them look perfect… the imperfections add to their character.

The hardest part of this project is trying to cut along the grain of the burlap fabric as best as possible. Many of you beginning sewers are probably asking yourself “what is the grain” and “what does grain have to do with fabric”? No worries… I’ve got you covered. I found a really helpful blog post from Sew Sweetness talking about what the grain of the fabric is and why it is important. As this article explains, you do not want to cut out your fabric too much off of the grain, because this causes uneven, messy looking edges. But as I mentioned before, these placemats do not have to be perfect. Just give it a go, and see what you come up with! I think that you will be pleasantly surprised. Here is a preview of the finished product…

Here are the steps:

  1. Make a paper template for your placemats.143117066
    • Cut out a piece of large paper so that it is the exact same size that you would like your placemats to be. You are going to use this template to cut out placemats that are all the same size. I did a bit of research, and I found out that placemats are generally 12” x 18” or 14” x 20”. Keep in mind that these dimensions are not set in stone. If you would like a placemat that is a bit bigger or smaller, go for it!
  2. Lay the paper template on top of your burlap fabric, and cut it out following the lines of your template.
    • I cut my burlap with a rotary cutter because I found that this was faster and more efficient. Keep in mind that I was looking for the fastest way to cut these out because I have to make over 140 placemats!! However, if you just are doing a set of placemats, then you could cut your burlap with fabric scissors instead.
  3. Cut out the amount of lace that your will need for one edge of the placemat, and pin this lace to the thinner edge of the burlap rectangle with sewing pins
  4. Sew around the outside edges of the lace.
    • I used 2 different colors of thread while sewing my lace to the burlap because I did not want to be able to see the stitching at all. I put white thread in the top of the sewing machine to match the ivory lace on top and beige thread in the bobbin to blend into the brown burlap on the bottom.
  5. Neaten up the edges and trim them
    • If your edges look a bit messy (like mine), then you can cut just trim a bit off the edges so that they look cleaner. You can also remove a few of the burlap threads along the edges so that they are less likely to fray.

That is it! You are finished! Now it’s time to throw a party to show off your new rustic placemats. Highlight the beauty of your burlap placemats with vibrant wild flowers, cedar wood tables and chairs, and folksy lanterns to help set the mood…

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask me about it. I would be glad to offer any advice! Happy sewing!

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Nighttime in Full Bloom – Night Wedding and Party Inspiration

Midnight strolls walking hand in hand under the bright light of a full moon, star gazing in a remote area with trillions of shimmering starts overhead, sipping hot cocoa from my favorite over-sized mug while snuggling in my softest, warmest robe as darkness slowly falls…

These are just a few of the images that come to mind when I think of moonlit nights. They are images that evoke warmth, romance, and beauty. Why not incorporate all of these emotions into your wedding or party by throwing a nighttime bash?

LIGHT AND DARKNESS: For a wedding, I imagine thousands of twinkling lights draped on evergreen trees, mimicking the canopy of stars overhead. I imagine an incredible display of shadows and light with romantic candles lighting cobblestone pathways and hanging lanterns that flicker and glow in the darkness. I imagine hanging glass chandeliers that capture and reflect the candlelight in a million different directions. I imagine something like this…

Many brides (like my soon-to-be-married sister) would love a small, intimate wedding, but are unable to have one due to a large number of family members and friends. With a nighttime wedding, you can create the same intimate mood of a small wedding without leaving out any of your important guests. The darkness automatically creates an intimate, romantic affair that is reminiscent of an enchanted forest.

CRYSTAL AND GLASS ACCENTS: I think that a moonlit wedding would be the perfect opportunity to showcase an extravagantly beaded wedding dress and rhinestone accessories. Just think of how beautifully the candlelight would accentuate the crystal accents, making the bride the complete center of attention.

NIGHT BLOOMING FLOWERS: And of course, what wedding is complete without flowers? Why not add to the intrigue and mystery of your wedding by getting some flowers that only bloom at night? Some incredibly beautiful night blooming flowers are night blooming jasmine, dragonfruit flowers, casablanca lilies, and four o’clock flowers. Here are some cute and very unique ways that your can incorporate these flowers into your wedding:

     Night Blooming Jasmine:

     Dragonfruit Flower:

     Casablanca Lily:

     Four O’Clocks:

So gather all of your candles and get a super duty lighter… It’s time to light up the night with a nighttime celebration!

CREDITS: Lace Candle Holder: via Pop Sugar// Beaded Wedding Dress: Preston Bailey// Lace-Wrapped Candle: HubPages// Bridal Hair Comb: GlamorousBijoux via Etsy// Garter: Emily Riggs// Knitted Shawl: Lynn Hamps via Ravelry// Bouquet Wrap:  Red Bloom Photography via CONFETTI DAYDREAMS WEDDING BLOG// Jasmine Wedding Invitations: InvitationSnob via Etsy// Dragonfruit Appetizers: Jane-Anne Hobbs// Dragonfruit Soap: SweetClementineSoaps via Etsy// Lily Envelope Liners: BlueWaverlyDesignCo via Etsy//

Vintage Rustic Charm – Heather & Taylor’s Wedding Day

Sipping sweet peach iced tea from glass mason jars, relaxing on Grandma’s rosewood porch swing, picnicking on red-checkered blankets in lush green meadows…

All of these images and more came to mind as soon as I set eyes on Heather & Taylor’s vintage rustic wedding! Done in soft shades of cream and blush, Heather & Taylor’s wedding was the essence of country charm with lots of burlap, lace, and wood accents at the Jon Haven Farm in Lasscassas, Tennessee.

As you look at these beautiful photos, keep an eye out for how the couple put their own twist on the vintage rustic theme by adding touches of flirty, romantic ruffles. From the ruffled wedding cake with a dramatic over-sized bloom, to the beautiful ruffle layering on the dresses of the bride, the bridesmaids, and the flower girls, this wedding shows that ruffles can be both elegant and fun! And of course, what vintage rustic wedding would be complete without suspenders? Take a look:

I always think that some of the cutest and most emotional photos are ones of the bride or groom with their parents. It is a day that is bittersweet for parents because it is a sort of milestone or landmark that shows that their baby is now all grown up. Take a look at these special photos of Heather and her mom and family:

DIY WEDDING DECOR: Heather made charming centerpieces with vintage books that she found at Goodwill and she hand-wrapped these bottles in twine and yarn… so cute!!

_DG18343PERSONALIZING THE WEDDING TRADITIONS: Do you love the symbolism of the unity candle, but feel that this tradition is a bit overdone? Why not do a  “unity painting” during your ceremony like Heather & Taylor? One big advantage of this is that you can later display your artwork in your home as a unique memento of your wedding day! Heather & Taylor decided to use two colors that they knew would be in their house.

My father-in-law officiated the ceremony and added a beautiful meaning to the unity painting. He spoke of how the two different colors represented each other and the canvas was life. Each color made its own mark on the canvas but then came together forming a new color representing our mark on life as a couple.”    ~Heather


_DG18469Heather & Taylor’s unlikely story is a clear example of how God can overcome any obstacle to bring two people together. Their story really stands out because the groom’s parents actually set them up!! This just goes to show you that parents just might know best.

Heather was an Indiana girl while Taylor was a Tenessee boy.  Taylor’s parents were traveling children’s evangelists and they just happened to come to Heather’s home church to kick off their VBS. Of course, Taylor’s parents fell in love with Heather and tried to set the two of them up. About a week later, Heather drove 5 ½ hours down to a small town in the middle of Kentucky to meet Taylor for the very first time. Here is what she had to say about that first meeting…

When I walked into the restaurant I saw him sitting there waiting for me. I knew at that exact moment I was going to be with him forever. We parted ways at the end of the weekend and I went straight to my best friend telling her he was the one I was going to marry. 

Awww!! And from there it was history. Was their meeting just coincidence? Pure luck? I think not!

Many thanks to the beautiful bride for sharing her stunning photos with me!

CREDITS: Darrell Golphin Photography and Tara Balma Photography

“Ode” to Amber – Amber Weddings, Gifts, and DIY Party Inspiration

saint-petersburg-02     With its numerous waterways and canals, St. Petersburg has been nicknamed the “Venice of the North”, and its location along the Baltic Sea has made this city famous for its top-quality Baltic amber. Ever since I traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia this past summer, I have been thoroughly enamored with the amber stone.  As I perused the wares and hidden treasures that the merchants had artfully arranged in their sidewalk stalls along the streets, I found that my eyes would inevitably go towards the amber stones and jewelry that were glinting in the sunlight. In the early mornings and evenings, when the sun was at its softest, the rays of the sun would glint off the amber, making the whole stone look like it was aflame with fire. It was absolutely mesmerizing!

As we explored the city some more, I found that the whole city was like an ode to amber! I found shades of amber and gold throughout, sparkling and shimmering in the ornate cathedrals, arching bridges, and gilded palaces of St. Petersburg. Although my description might seem a bit overly poetic, I think that you will also see the subtle amber tones that colored the city when you see the photos that I took of St. Petersburg:

Suffice it to say that I am thoroughly enamored with both the city itself and with the amber stone. I think that it would be lovely to incorporate these shades of amber and gold into your wedding. Here is a collection of some of my favorite amber wedding accessories:

The shades of amber and gold provide a color palette that is both warm and regal, and green accents add a touch of whimsy to this color combo.

Even if you do not use amber as your wedding color, you can easily incorporate amber-themed items into wedding favors, bridal shower decorations and gifts, bachelorette parties, and even home warming gifts. You can pay homage to the beautiful shade of amber by making these fun DIY projects using amber honey (yes, “amber honey” is a real product!) Amber honey is a type of honey between light and dark honey and it can be made from flowers such as star-thistle, sage, or alfalfa. But best of all, amber honey is the exact same shade as amber!

Here are 2 fun DIY honey projects that are inspired by the glorious shade of amber:

honey-face-mask    1) Honey and Oats Face Mask: Is the wedding stress getting to you? Are you overwhelmed with all of the decision you have to make? Put your feet up and try this moisturizing facial mask from the Free People Blog.

This face mask is so simple… it only has 2 ingredients! Just mix together equal parts of honey and oats until a thick paste has formed, and apply evenly to the face. What a fun way to celebrate and relax with your girlfriends during your bachelorette party!

Handmade Honey and Dandelion Soap

Handmade Honey and Dandelion Soap

2) Honey and Dandelion Soap: This soap would be the cutest wedding favor. I can also picture giving this soap as a small thank-you gift or as a house-warming gift. Just tie up the soap with some twine and some dandelion flowers, and you are good to go! Make sure you make extras… you are going to want to keep an extra soap bar for yourself!

Check out the directions for this soap at The Nerdy Farm Wife.

What about trying something different and throwing an amber-themed sleepover party for you and your closest girlfriends? You and your friends can make and use the Honey and Oats face mask, and you will wake up in the morning with super soft skin! You can also make the Honey and Dandelion Soap together, and your friends can bring it home with them as a cute keepsake of your time together. One things for sure… no one would ever forget that party!

CREDITS: Florals: Plum Sage Flowers via Style Me Pretty // Gold Embroidered Wedding Dress: Krikor Jabotian’s via Wedding Inspirasi // Wedding Cake: Tonya Peterson Photography // Candles:  Martha Steward Weddings // Beaded Headpiece and Veil: One Blushing Bride // Ranch Venue: Holman Ranch  // Ring: Ken & Dana Design  // Table Spread: Photo by  ASHLEY DRU via Ruffled // Amber Accent Wedding Dress: Jasmine Star Photography  via Style Me Pretty


My First Step Into The Blogging World

Welcome to my blog! This is my very first post to my very first blog, so I have to admit that I am just a bit excited and overwhelmed. Let’s hope that I am doing everything correctly!

d3b80c7d70fa3aefdce8961d7623d531     I have been wanting to get into blogging for a while now, but I did not have the courage to try it until my mom bought me a book on blogging. It is called “Mollie Makes Blogging: The Big Guide To Creative Content”. I figured that this book would help me as I took my first steps into the blogging world. As I flipped through the pages of this book, I realized that blogging is a bit like a foreign language. I started reading about “plug-ins”, “widgets”, “themes”, and “responsive” vs “non-responsive” webpages… huh?! I have to say that it freaked me out just a bit.

97937205     The funny thing is, I have never been all that technologically-savvy. In fact, I have never even been that much of a Facebook user. When I graduated from high-school, I promised all of my friends that I would make a concerted effort to be on Facebook more so that I could keep in touch with all of them… That never really ended up happening! However, I did end up opening a separate Facebook page for my bridal accessories studio (, and I have become pretty good at consistently posting to this page. For some reason, when it comes to talking about my business, I have all of the enthusiasm and excitement in the world. I think it is because I just really love sewing, crafting, and anything that has to do with the creative process.


Suffice it to say that this blog is going to be dedicated to everything that is wedding related or craft-related. I will probably also combine the two themes and do some DIY wedding projects for the crafty bride. Additionally, I will also talk about my experiences as an Etsy seller and some of the tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way.

I am looking forward to the journey!